Spring (2014) Thriller movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Horror Thriller film “Spring: The Monster Girl” story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about a strange relationship between mortal vs immortal in which girl transforms herself into a creature. The mother of an orphaned young boy named ‘Evan Russel’ died of cancer. As a result of being alone, he becomes depressed. Then he travels to Italy to live in his mother’s memory. When he notices a mysterious girl there, his life changes. He grows fond of her and wishes to speak with her. With the passage of time, it is revealed that she is not a human being, but a 2000-year-old mutant who preys on humans or animals to satisfy her hunger. Actually, her body has an evolving cell body process that transforms her into the creature. “Evan” is now aware of her immortal reality, but he still wishes to live with her.

His love is intense, and he has no one else in the world besides that girl. Evan begs her not to transform into the dreadful monster. However, the girl reveals that she has no control over her body. In any case, Evan notices her at the crack of dawn that she is still a beautiful human being. So his love triumphs, and they begin to live together. Love is a monster! Please Like , Share and Subscribe.

Images and footage Source: Drafthouse Films
Director: Justin Benson

Disclaimer: Any footage in this video has only been used to communicate a message (understandable) to audience. According to my knowledge, it’s a fair use under reviews and commentary section. We don’t plan to violate anyone’s right. Thank You.

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