League of Gods (2016) Sci-Fi Fantasy explained in Hindi Urdu. The Chinese Fantasy Action film “League of Gods” story summarized with a full ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about a king who has given himself over to a dragon girl named Daji. She uses the king and her powers to stage a festival in order to torture the invisible people and their masters. They were about to kill the master, but the priest gives the master his eye, which Daji notices and holds. Jacky the great warrior arrives with his warrior to fight alongside them and save the invisible tribe. Daji also appears in her real, hideous outfit. When the priest notices the master’s weakness, he gives him his other eye. Then Jacky and his warrior were teleported to a different safe location.

Jacky learns about the sword of life and decides to go in search of it. The master agrees and gives him three gifts, one of which is a cute boy named Naza, who is Jacky’s companion. During their journey, they encounter numerous difficulties, and Naza learns that the King of the Sea is using his weapon, fire wheels. They approach a witch and steal her magical boat. Later, they board a boat and sail out into the sea. Naza fights the king of the sea because he is guarding his son, the prince, and after the fight, the king gives him the fire wheels and his son.

Daji also cast some spells on the master, and as they used their powers, their age was reduced. As the masters used their powers, their ages decreased and they became small children. But the sword’s power had also vanished, according to the master, who told Jacky’s brother, “It will return when you jump into the water of their garden.” Although Jacky’s brother jumped into the sword while attempting to take it, he was unharmed because the sword had chosen him.

Meanwhile, Daji has transformed into the dreadful black dragon. Jacky’s brother transforms into the golden Dragon and kills the king, who has been transformed into the giant monster by Daji. This is the end of the story. This movie is also known by the name of ‘3D league of the deified’.

-Images and footage Source: China Star Entertainment Group
-Director: Koan Hui
-Producer: Tiffany Chen
-Edited By: Jeffrey Ford

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