Ant Man 1+2 (2018) Thriller movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Action Thriller film “Ant Man 1 and 2 parts” story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. The Plot is about a master thief whose name is ‘Scott’. Also, In addition, another scientist is working on a tech suit that, like aunt, can shrink human size into a small size. So, he calls it the “Ant Man Suit.” He asks Scott to wear it because he has the ability to control that suit. After training, he can grow to shrink himself and can come back to normal scale. That scientist had also created a wasp suit for his wife, but she had failed in a mysterious space/quantum experiment. Scot, also known as Goliath, is dispatched to an agency where a competitor is about to sell another yellow suit developed by scientist Dr. Hank Pym. For the sake of protecting this advanced technology, Ant Men plant mini explosives that destroy their agency secretly; later, he flees with the scientist and his daughter.

In the second instalment of “Ant and the Wasp,” Scott is arrested again on suspicion of being involved with the superheroes. He also gained the ability to transform into a Giant-Man here. After completing the various steps, the couple of Wasp and Scott embark on an adventure and are able to communicate with the scientist’s wife, who is trapped in the quantum realm after being shrunk. Following that, the scientist enters the quantum tunnel to gain access to his wife. Finally, he is able to locate her. When they return, everything returns to normal, and the couple begins their relationship.

When he completes his near-impossible mission, he faces numerous challenges, but the red suit enhances his abilities. Will he be able to track down the suit? Personally, I enjoyed the actions depicted in the film, and I would rate it as a good film. The character development is quite entertaining, and like all of you, I enjoy all of the Marvel Universe series too. I believe that even if a man is unaware of the genre of Marvel productions, he would enjoy Ant-Man because it is a funny thrilling super-hero film. It’s a lot of fun and suitable for everyone.

Images and footage Source: Marvel Studios and MCU
Director: Peyton Reed
Screenplay or written by: Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish

Disclaimer: Any footage in this video has only been used to communicate a message (understandable) to audience. According to my knowledge, it’s a fair use under reviews and commentary section. We don’t plan to violate anyone’s right. Thanks

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