Us (2019) + Dead Silence (2007) Thriller movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Horror Thriller film “Us + Dead Silence” story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. The first plot of the movie ‘Us’ is about a female character “Adelaide” who is seen as a little girl at the start of the movie. And she goes to the funhouse with her parents. There is a mirror house inside it where she encounters her counterpart. Being scared, she leaves it. Many years later, ” Adelaide” is grown young and has a happy married life with her husband and two kids. Her husband takes her to the same funhouse for recreation in spite of her unwillingness. They stay Adelaide’s childhood house at the beach. Then they face the four people who are their doppelgangers. They carry each of their identical with them. Adelaide’s husband and son are able to end the life of their counterparts. But Adelaide’s identical takes Adelaide ‘s real son in the funhouse. She moves into the underground tunnel of the funhouse and rescue her kid. But a great secret is revealed that the government had created the doppelgangers of human beings but forgot to pour the soul into them so their experiment created issues and disturbance. The coming ” Adelaide” kills her identical twin in a tunnel and returns to the surface with her son. But the mysterious fact is exposed through the flashback.

The plot of film Dead silence is about a A couple who receives a parcel box in which they find a ventriloquist doll named “Billy”. At the same night, that husband Jamie’s wife is died. ” Jamie” wants to know the reason but in vain. Police investigate and also know that his wife’s tongue is missing from the mouth. The husband checks the parcel box again. He observes there is a mentioned lady named dead “Mary Shaw” and a location address. Her profession was as a ventriloquist. She used to perform grand shows. The ” Jamie” visits his father’s house because that locality address was also mentioned in the box. Later, it is known that “Mary Shaw” faced tragic consequences because of her evil action.

As she took the life of a boy in the show who made a little fun of her voice. Afterwards, that kid’s family members removed the tongue of “Mary Shaw” and she died. From that time, she continued to burn in the fire of revenge and killed the whole inheritance of that kid. “Jamie” belonged to that bloodline and was the last of his family. So “Mary ” wanted to hunt him with her evil spirit powers. She also tells through the clown dummy that she ends the life of her expectant wife and many through these dummies. “Jamie” becomes aggressive , knowing it. ” Jamie” proves her other tricks futile and sets all dummies into the fire. Please Like, Share and Subscribe.

Images and footage Source: Universal Pictures
Director: Jordan Peele and James Wan Respectively

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