Troy (2004) Thriller movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Adventure Thriller film “Troy: Trojan vs Sparta” story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot revolves around the famous battle of the late Bronze age between the ancient kingdoms of Troy and Sparta. One day, the prince of Troy expects to pay a friendly visit to another kingdom. During a visit to Sparta, Trojan prince ‘Paris’ falls in love with another country’s Royal lady Queen ‘Helen’ and gets her back to his own kingdom. King ‘Agamemnon’, on the other hand, having already vanquished every empire in Greece, uses his brother’s rage as a basis to make war on Troy. Because he thinks that Troy betrayed the Greeks by stealing the royal lady. But the reality is something else. Will the last kingdom of Troy be strong enough to withstand their massive castle walls against united Greek forces a.k.a Spartans? The story follows the destinies of the thousand men.

Because of their skilled and brave Prince Hector, the Troy army was never defeated so far. The Greeks can only defeat the Trojans with the help of ‘Achilles’, who is also a lone warrior who does not listen to anyone. His sword skills and repositioning are unrivalled. It is not only a war between Troy and Greece, but also a personal conflict between Hector and Achilles. So, both of them have a very strong fight. Both mighty kingdoms show their strength to each other for victory and honor. Even today, this film is one of the best movies of many fans, although it has been many years since its release. The acting of Brad Pitt and the actor who played the role of Hector is such that we live in suspense state and feel thriller vibes till the end of the movie.

यह कहानी 2 बढी किंगडम्स क दरमिआन की है जहाँ जहाँ लव क लिए बहुत बढ़ी लढाई होती है.

Images and footage Source: Warners and Plan B Films
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Producer: Colin Wilson Wolfgang Petersen
Cast: Simon Phillips and Julie Mainville
Screenplay / Writer: David Benioff
Based on: Iliad by Homer (Novel)

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