This is How You Die (2021) short Thriller movies explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Emotional Thriller film “This is How You Die, The Mask and Stucco” story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. In this video, we have covered 3 different plots of short movies. The first story is about some people who see a machine that tells about the way a person is going to die. Like a girl uses it and she realizes that she is going to die in her old-age. But in reality she was not going to die in old-age, but she is going to die due to some old man. In the same way, this machine predicts many people, which becomes absolutely true, no matter how much anyone tries to escape.

The second story ‘The Mask’ shows the time when humans can wear different masks of emotion. With its help, people could tell that they are happy, sad, sorry or anyone can show their sentiments with their masks. One day, a boy selects Happy Face from the different types of mood faces. He goes outside wearing a Happy Face Mask but all the rest of the people are wearing Angry and depressed Faces. Everyone is not liking him at all. Ignoring and watching him angrily. All of them reject him like a bad society.

The third short Horror story “Stucco” is about a woman who stays locked inside her room. She did not meet people. A hole appears in this woman’s house and some voices are heard from her other side. As a result, she goes into depression and anxiety. But there is no one to help her.

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