The Invisible Boy 2 Second Generation (2018) Fantasy movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Italian Fantasy Thriller film “The Invisible Boy: Second Generation” story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot revolves around “Michele,” the central protagonist who is raised by her foster mother. He has the ability to completely disappear, and no one can see him after he uses his invisiility powers. In the final chapter, her mother is driving a car when she is involved in a serious accident and loses her life. Then a female character named “Nathasha” appears and enrolls in his brother’s class. Later, “Michele” knows that she is her sibling, who also wields the Fire superpower. She can control and create fire with her hands. After being released from a person’s prison, the mother of both siblings gains access to them. Actually, all three belong to people who are gifted with the ability to deal with any situation. The children are the second generation and have superior abilities to the elders. Part 01:

So their mother’s goal is to seize her children’s supernatural powers in order to fortify herself against the exploiter of superhuman powers. Her hopes are dashed, however, when her children learn of her reality through their father. Finally, the father of the children tries to prevent their mother from abusing her powers. As a result, both fall, and the pipe penetrates them while trying to harm. Then “Michele” and “Natasha” develop a strong emotional understanding and consider taking charge of their lives.


Images and footage Source: Pathe Freres
Director: Gabriele Salvatores
Writer: Stefano Sardo and Alessandro Fabbri

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