Penelope (2007) Fantasy movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The British Family fantasy film “Penelope Pig-Faced Girl” story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about an aristocratic family which is cursed. A boy of this family has fallen in love with a maid but he has to reject marrying her because of maintaining the social status of his family, In this depression, that maid commits wrong practices. Then the mother of that victim girl curses this family that it will bear a pig-faced girl. And it happens as a pig-faced girl is born there. She is named “Penelope” by her parents. Now the marriage issues of ” “Penelope” arose when she reached her young age . Every suitor rejects her because of her pig like face appearance.

With the passage of time, this news travels outside and becomes the central point of the media. Then a reporter sends his spy “Max” disguising him as a suitor. Reaching there, she begins to feel affection for him. She is worried because of being rejected by everyone. Being fed up from this bound life, “Penelope” decides to leave the house covertly, veiling her face. She decides to lead her own life without depending on anyone. It is also clear that she was one who had got much reputation due to her odd look.

In this way, she accepts herself with her sad pig face appearance which was enough to remove her curse. So her curse is gone and she is left a charming girl whom everyone wants to marry. In the end, it is revealed in the movie that a butler working at that family’s house was actually that witch mother who cast the curse on “Penelope” and she was keeping an eye. Now the curse was over.


Images and footage Source: Momentum Pictures and Summit Entertainment
Director: Mark Palansky
Producer: Reese Witherspoon
Writer: Leslie Caveny
Edited By: Jon Gregory

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